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I just got a paid account and i have a layout request ... interested? Can anyone help me make a 3 column layout? The first colum having my links to the user profile and other peoples journals and user pic, middle column having a picture and below my entries and then they 3rd having my bio if so Im me on aim or aol at username:  Phishishi  or e-mail me at Phishishi@aol.com


I really really need help with my layout. Does anyone think they can help me with it? A friend of mine already did the background but i wanted the actual layout different. Can anyone help me?

my hotmail is morbidxkittie@hotmail.com

Please any help would be GREATLy apreciated!!
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New Icon

Okay so weblogimages is being a bitch right now by saving pictures you upload to a very low quality. I decided to upload a lot of my icons and crap to MSN. Yes I know MSN is evil but I'm not going to use my old host till they fix this but here is a nice little icon I made.

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Icon Maddness

Alrighty! I got bored so I made a ton of icon bases. If your Canadian you might have seen those cute little telus commercials? Well I've made a lot of nice bases out of images that are on the telus commercial. I also have some other random bases that can be used for icons.
1-9 Telus
10 - 12 La Senza
13 - Finding Nemo

Teaser -> 10.

-----cut here-----Collapse )
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Welcome to fragile love. This is a community for everyone on the world of livejournal to post graphics. Please feel free to post any work you have done. Also if you are posting more then one graphic put all but one under a cut. Have fun!!